Spring Florals

Coveting this Urban Outfitter's hat

top: J. Crew, jacket: J. Crew, pants: rag & bone, bag: vintage Chanel, sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Photos by Lotte Ahn

It's officially Spring! If Montreal can crack into the positives for three days in a row, I call that a seasonal change. At least I can nurse my cold with the rays. Any advice on how to regain your voice? I went from a much likable raspy voice to that of a boy going through puberty...

I came home to a mini family reunion, so the last few days have been all about family dinners and telling embarrassing stories about each other. While the adults played a round of golf, my sister and I took my cousin around my town on Friday.

Happy Easter to all my readers! Enjoy the chocolate coma.

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