Another Sunday Brunch

top: Billy Reid, pant: Zara, vest: from Korea, shoes: Zara, bag: Celine, sunglasses: Ray-Ban, rings: from Korea and Cartier, keychain: Prada

Photos by Lotte Ahn

Here, finally, are some long overdue pictures from my impromptu trip home in January. Decided this was appropriate as I will be spending Easter weekend in Virginia. I'm hoping the snow will be gone by the time I'm home. I see enough of it in Montreal, please don't follow me south. 

I decided to go with a neutral color palette for brunch (definitely a Montreal influence).Weekend brunch is something we always do in my family and it was a great way to end my quick getaway filled with mimosas, wine, delicious food and being with my family. To sum it up, the weekend was, as Chandler from Friends would say, perfection. 

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