Cheers to the New Years

sweater: Zara, jeans: J Brand, coat: 3.1 Phillip Lim, boots: Cordani, scarf: Ralph Lauren, hat: Aqua, sunglasses: Bottega Veneta, gloves: from Korea, clutch: Louis Vuitton

Photos by Lotte Ahn

Last year's New Year's resolution was to keep a journal. I didn't even write a single word for Day 1. 2011, I promised to reduce my chocolate consumption. By that evening, I ate more than a healthy serving of chocolate cake. 2010, I vowed never to drink champagne again, only to drink some more to toast the new year. Like most everyone else, I don't have the ability to keep a New Year's resolution. But maybe I should make one, just so I can break it.

I woke up to a snow-covered, sunny Seoul morning. A beautiful day to walk around and brave the cold. After a Korean-style brunch meal, my sister and I spent the afternoon at the palace. Apparently living in Montreal hasn't trained me for anything because I only lasted an hour outside. 

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