Black and blue

sweatshirt: Holt Renfrew's 175th Anniversary collection, jeans: J Brand, jacket: Moncler, vest: Moncler, sneakers: Nike, necklace: Zara, sunglasses: Ray-Ban, hat: Bogner, scarf: from Korea, bag: Louis Vuitton

Photos by Sarah Sheu
Photo 3 by me

To fight the crazy temperatures we're dealing with, on Sunday, I ventured to Monkland to experience the newest brunch sensation at Prohibition. After convincing the hostess to squeeze a party of two without a reservation, I was treated to a buttery red current scone and coffee. Not too impressed with my decision to try their lemon ricotta pancakes. Apparently I should have followed the lead of others around me and ordered the fried challah french toast and chicken. Oh well, next time!

After attempting to do some prep-work to avoid stressful nights to come, I, instead, came to the smart conclusion to end the day with high tea at the Ritz Montreal. As you remember from this post, I went to Maison Boulud for brunch back in the fall. The Ritz has kept its high tea tradition even after a full-renovation. Sipping tea by a fireplace was the most pretentious yet wonderful way to defrost. I would have taken a nap, if they didn't have to prep for the dinner rush.

Note: I'm trying to take off all my layers in the second picture. Not trying to strangle myself.

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