Happy Holidays

sweater: J. Crew (borrowed from my sister), pant: Robert Rodriguez, coat: from Korea, shoes: H&M x MMM, bag: Celine, scarf: from Korea, sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Photos by Lotte Ahn (my sister wearing rag & bone booties)

After a long 12.5 hour flight from Canada to Korea, I've finally arrived in Seoul. The only left is to get used to the new timezone. Thankfully, I have access to great food, so even if I'm groggy, I can rely on eating my favorite meals. Plus having the entire family together in one place has been great. My sister and I braved the cold and spent Christmas day walking around Myeong-dong, the hotspot for young Koreans. 

I woke up this morning to a beautiful coat of fresh snow outside. Although it's been unbearably cold here, the sight of a white Christmas morning brought all the warmth back in me. Couldn't get much better than a sunny Christmas with my entire family. 

Hope everyone enjoys a safe and wonderful Holiday!

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