Old Port

sweater: heartloom, pants: AG Jeans, vest: from Korea, shoes: Zara, sunglasses: Bottega Veneta

Photos by Sarah Sheu

After I complained about the lack of sun in my previous post, we've been having incredible sunshine. I should have been more specific about my request because although it's been sunny, it's been unbelievable cold. Yesterday, I spent a terribly cold afternoon in Old Port but ate a delicious lunch at AIX Cuisine de Terroir for Happening Gourmand, Montreal's Restaurant Week. I sampled a fennel and arugula salad, green tea poached salmon with micro-kale and macaroni and cheese topped off with a glass of Sancerre. 

I love the light wash denim look for the winter and decided to wear my reptile-scaled printed AG Jeans on this freezing day. The Siberia-like temperatures made my skin started to turn a bright salmon color, in addition to my iPhone giving me a warning that the temperatures were too low for it to function properly (bad sign!).

I'll make myself clear for next week's request: keep the sun, ditch the cold.

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