"Pour Rester"

sweatshirt: from Korea, skirt: Club Monaco, shoes: Valentino, sunglasses: Ray-Ban, accessories: Club Monaco, J. Crew

Photos by my mom

With a 10 day break in-between exams, I decided to go back to Virginia to savor the warmer weather. It's been a strange December with temperatures hovering around the mid-60s. I'm going to be in for a brutal awakening when I go back to Montreal in a few days. 

Ever since Thanksgiving, I've been in "holiday mode". Instead of directing my attention to the last final I have, I been consumed with the festive music that's constantly playing and planning out gifts for family and friends. In my defense, the twinkling Holiday decorations around town don't exactly repel me and make me run for my textbook. 

This season, I've been obsessing over different textures and decided to carry on the theme throughout the Holiday season. Layering a fancy skirt with a sweatshirt is an easy way to dress down an outfit. Plus pairing a sweatshirt with anything makes for a super comfortable outfit. Also, my dog decided to join in on the fun.

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