North Hatley

one. sweater: des petits hauts, skirt: Yumi Kim, shoes: Prada, wallet: Prada// two. Chambray: J. Crew, shirt: Demoo Park Choon Moon, shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch, jacket: Barbour, shoes: Prada, sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Photos by Sarah Sheu

And it's officially winter. Montreal has begun its annual holiday decorations on McGill College and Starbucks has started using the holiday cups (I purposely went to Starbucks this week just to drink out of the festive cup). I can't believe just two weeks ago I was wearing shorts, because my recent attire has consisted of endless layers, resulting in me looking like a polar bear. 

Before leaving the Eastern Townships, I biked to the town of North Hatley. My lack of biking skills proved itself; I was winded after the 3-km ride!

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