Detour: Under Construction

sweater: Ralph Lauren, skirt: Tibi, shoes: Zara, clutch: Zara, sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Photos by Sarah Sheu

Montreal seems to always be under construction. As a pedestrian you learn how to weave around these areas, not really having to obey those signs. This past weekend, Sarah and I stumbled upon a site with knocked over flimsy, half-knocked over fences... which basically translated to: go right into the site. I stealthily walked across the fence, popped my heels back on, and walked around the gutted area. I even had a thoughtful man tell me I should be careful of the rats in the crater. Uh thanks?

Also, Cinema du Parc is showing all 44 of Woody Allen's movies from now until November 22nd. Yesterday, I did some essential popcorning and saw The Front. Watch the movie if you like Woody Allen's quirky humor. 

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