Pop Art Montreal

top: J.Crew, skirt: Maison Scotch, shoes: Zara, sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Photos by Sarah Sheu

I've decided to use my birthday as an excuse to finally start my blog. I spent the day at the Tom Wesselmann's Pop Art exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and right in front of the museum is this installation by Claude Cormier on Rue du Musée.

You see the best fashion in the fall and Montreal is no different. Fresh off of a summer fashion internship, I was inspired to document my ever-evolving style, which is a melange of my American prep school days with my childhood spent in Germany and my heritage. The last three years in Montreal have also found its way into my wardrobe. This blog is my creative outlet and justifies gallivanting through Montreal instead of being in lab.

Hope you enjoy the photographs taken by my dear friend, the talented Sarah Sheu. 

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